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Service Levels

Service Levels

We provide a comprehensive set of Infrastructure Management and monitoring service options for your needs.  Our standard options have been designed based on experience and client feedback. As clients may have different requirements, service levels and offerings can easily be tailored and customized to meet specific needs.

Service Levels

  • Standard: Basic Monitoring and Support during off hours and weekends
  • Silver: "Standard" plan extended to provide for 7 day a week 24x7 coverage
  • Gold: Premium 24x7 support with added services and support, such as upgrades, patching, etc.
  • Platinum: Full "valet type" services including optimization, backup and recovery, architecture, etc.
service levels

Which Plan to Choose

Standard: The standard plan is recommended when you have resources available during regular business hours but need off-hour and weekend coverage or support for maintenance, upgrades, troubleshooting, etc.

Silver: The silver plan is intended to provide additional coverage during business hours to either supplement in-house resources or cover specific needs which are not being met or handled by the existing staff.

Gold: This premium service level is designed to take full responsibility for specific functional areas and evolve services to a more mature and higher service level than previously achieved.

Platinum: This top-of-the-line offering is targeted towards true transformation of specific IT functions. This level of service may be needed due to current challenges or based on new evolving needs for which no current in-house capability exists. This level is typically only needed in year 1 of an engagement with us.


Plan Comparison

  Weekdays Weekends Premium + "Valet" ++
  Off Hours Business Hours  
Standard Yes - Yes - -
Silver Yes Yes Yes - -
Gold Yes Yes Yes Yes -
Platinum Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes